Thrive on All Levels

  • Release the weight of the past

    You'll restore your joy, vitality, and inner harmony using potent tools, nature connections and ancient shamanic wisdom to shift your life.

  • Manage your energy

    You will liberate and transform stuck energy. By learning to ground, protect, align, release, and raise your vibrations, you will be able to keep your energy field clear and luminous.

  • Become a clear channel

    You will learn resilience and fluidity. You will rewire your limbic brain to support long-term change as you connect deeply with the amazing web of life.

  • Activate your vision

    You will understand and engage with four essential pillars of perception in the Andean worldview—intent, reciprocity, receptivity and alignment—to see with fresh eyes, empower your vision, and engage your whole being.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Module #1: Be Fluid as a River: Thriving with Energy Alchemy
    • Welcome: You Are Connected with Everything
    • How to Use This Course to Thrive
    • Introduction to Energy Alchemy
    • Reconnect with the Earth—An Interview
    • Mysteries of Transformation (A Few Concepts)
    • Your Goals and Commitment to Managing Your Energy
    • Guided Visualization: Crystal-Stream-Sunlight
    • What's next?
  • 2
    Module #2 Enter the Flow: Letting Go, Nurturing Yourself, and Filling with Light
    • Creating an Energy Field: Calling in the Sacred
    • Essential Patterns of Energy Alchemy
    • Guided Visualization: Releasing and Becoming Source
    • Playing with the Elements and Patterns of Energy Alchemy
    • Conscious Alchemical Breathing
    • Guided Visualization: Receiving from the Jaguar Lagoon
    • Putting It All Together: The Elements Meditation
    • Elements Meditation
    • Test Your Learning: Essence of Energy Alchemy
    • What's Next?
  • 3
    Module #3 Keep Your Energy Field Clear, Joyful, and Luminous: Protection, Grounding, and Alignment
    • Introduction: Keep Your Energy Field Clear and Luminous: Protection, Grounding, and Alignment
    • Empaths, Sensitives, and Boundaries
    • Guided Visualization: Setting Protection
    • Guided Visualization: Grounding
    • Working with Intent
    • Our Stories Carry Energy
    • Stories and Psychic Hooks
    • Guided Visualization: Releasing Psychic Hooks
    • Quick Tools for Shifting and Managing Your Energy
    • Alignment and Resonance
    • Guided Visualization: Aligning Your Three Centers with White Light
    • Test Your Learning: Protection, Grounding, Alignment
    • Coming to Completion, and What's Next?
  • 4
    Module #4 Bonus Downloads
    • More Resources for You: Bonus PDFs
    • Completion, Reflection, and Your Alchemical Commitment: A Brief Self-Survey
    • Where Your Attention Goes, Your Energy Flows...


Find Your Joy

Ready to become your joyful luminous self? Manage your energy and release your internal demons? Deepen your nature connections and draw from ancient shamanic wisdom? If you’re a sensitive, independent woman ready to thrive…

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Course Bonuses

Along with the course, enjoy:

  • Lifetime Access

    Return to this site to review content and practice at any point.

  • Online Community

    Have a question or seek support? Join like-minded alchemists for discussion in our closed group forum.

  • Personal coaching

    Maximize your energy shifts, clarity, and long-term change by drawing on Meg's experience to identify and resolve your energetic challenges. Get help focusing your energetic intent for the course, applying the practices to your specific issues, deepening your skill, problem-solving, and reflecting on bigger changes in your life.

Hear from Meg's students...

…how they learn to manage old traumas and internal demons that keep them from feeling aligned, connected, and radiant. These independent, sensitive women speak directly about the paradigm shifts they experience with Energy Alchemy…

Kim Keckes,

Gifts for Life

Kim Keckes,

Your Energy Alchemy online sessions and your book have been extraordinarily meaningful for me. Your teachings have given me the strongest connection of many different paths. These have been gifts that will be with me for life and I look forward to growing with them. Words cannot express how thank full I am for your work and presence.
Gisela Cartwright

Stability and Clarity Through Energy Alchemy

Gisela Cartwright

Through these Energy Alchemy practices I find a lot more inner stability. I have much more clarity about my own wishes and boundaries. I experience stronger feelings of safety and security. The practices help in subtle ways, bringing gentle waves of change into my life.
Belinda Hayes

Energy Potential

Belinda Hayes

This class is an incredible, accessible way of experiencing Meg's wisdom teachings and feeling the energy potential.
Nancy Branstetter

Alignment with Source

Nancy Branstetter

I learned in Energy Alchemy that I have clarity when I am in alignment with Source. I am connected to all the energy around and coming to me. I can let it pass through me and not let it grab a hook into my heart, or not. Stress is an indicator that I'm off course and disconnected. I loved the damage control practices you taught us.


  • Meg Beeler

    Author, Mentor, and Shamanic Guide

    Meg Beeler

    I'm here to help you be the most radiant person you can be! I've been teaching all my life, and work with clients worldwide. I'm the creator of Energy AlchemyTM, founder of Earth Caretakers, and author of Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Aligning with Cosmic Energy. I live on Sonoma Mountain in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thrive with Energy Alchemy!

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